My Portfolio

This is my current Portfolio with examples and links to some of my recent work.

This website is built using WordPress and uses my own theme, which itself utilises the Twitter Bootstrap framework, to create a responsive WordPress theme with the Bootstrap features. WordPress by default creates its own classes, for example menus will have the “menu” class assigned to them on creation, but Bootstrap uses “nav-pills”, amongst others.

So there is some work to be done to assign Bootstrap classes to replace the default WordPress classes, and in the near future I hope to add a tutorial to this site explaining the process, should anyone want to build their own WordPress/Bootstrap theme. The theme is a work in progress, and I am always looking to expand it whenever I learn something new.

Unfortunately I am unable to show any work that I have done with the companies that I have previously worked for.

Crosby Web

crosby web site

Crosby Web is a responsive website built with the Twitter Bootstrap framework. The site was not built with any content management system, such as WordPress, as a simple contact form was the only technical requirement. So rather than using a […]

Vis Johnson Band


The ‘Vis Johnson Band‘ website uses the WordPress content management system,  and is responsive website based on the Bootstrap theme. WordPress is a great choice for sites with lots of content as it allows easy management of media items such as […]

Investigators Greater London

investigators greater london

Investigators Greater London is a responsive WordPress site that I have worked on recently. I cannot claim to have designed this theme though. On this occasion the client purchased a great looking theme from Elegant Themes which was very easy […]

Investigators North West

investigators north west

Investigators North West is a responsive WordPress site built for a Private Investigation firm based in London, and expanding in the North West. It is a bespoke design built using the Bones theme with lots of customisation. It was designed […]

Learn the Sax

learn the sax

The ‘Learn the Sax‘ website is a recent responsive WordPress build that uses a customised version of the Bones theme and is fully responsive. It is a tutorial site about all things to do with the saxophone and includes tutorials and […]

A Den of Antiquities

antiquities home

‘A Den of Antiquities’ is a WordPress eCommerce website, built using The Cart Press eCommerce plugin, and a heavily customised version of the responsive Bones theme. The site has several customisable features, including the background, theme colours, and options to add new […]